Campus Security 体育网站365(808) 984-3255

体育网站365uhmc’s emergency plan (ep) is the administrative guide used for responding to potential campus emergencies in a timely and organized manner. the ep is not intended to be an all-inclusive set of directives but rather an organized series of guidelines that may be used in a variety of crisis management situations.

体育网站365the ep may be activated at any time there is a disruption in the normal operations of the campus, a potential danger in the neighboring communities of the college, at the request of the university of hawaii system leadership, or for emergencies declared by the state of hawaii civil defense authorities.

体育网站365regardless of the nature of the emergency, the college will place the protection of life and safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors as its number one priority.

Reporting an Emergency:
Call 911 (Maui Emergency Services-Fire, MPD)
Call 255 (Maui College Campus Security)


Pandemic Plan
Emergency Plan